All technicians will agree...

Our mobile-based solution is intuitive enough to make a
technician of any skill-level an"A-level" communicator.

With our "Least amount of taps" solution; technicians complete service
tickets, purchase orders, job descriptions, parts descriptions, etc... with more
ease and greater effectiveness producing an end result that's like no other.

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Mobile Appgives you just what you need.


The e-ServiceTicket App is the all-in-one platform offering optimal features that are more effective and built for your specific needs.

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Our App - Our Design - Your Solution

  • Home Screen

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  • Work Management

    Parts Table
  • Field Dispatch

  • Edit Service Ticket

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Purchase Order

With Parts Supplier Direct Connect

Purchase Order

Designed by Field-Service experts to make managing details quick and easy.

Try our "least amount of taps" solution.


Web Portal

The Company Account include a Company management and Administrative web portals:

The Company web portal is used by a company's support staff to help manage customers, jobs, and workers.

The Administrative web portal is used by a company's administrator to control and manage their Company Account.

*Schedule a Demo Skype Session, if you are interested in seeing a live demonstration or give us a call at 610-994-8888 if you would like to speak to our support team.

Mobile-First Solution

eServiceTicket was designed as a mobile-first based field-service solution. With Smartphones taking the role of the all-inclusive device, being a mobile-first solution offers tremendous value.

The eServiceTicket total solution includes the use of both the Mobile App and Web Portals. The Web Portals are easily accessed from our website using a PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

eServiceTicket offers more optimal features and value than any other mobile field-service solution.

Great Pricing

The eServiceTicket Field-Service Mobile solution is designed to significantly improve the productivity and profitability of the service department of a Field-Service Company.

Read the FAQ page on the More tab at the top of our website. It explains the value and benefits of using eServiceTicket. eServiceTicket pays for itself the first month that it is used.

If you're a Field-Service company, you most likely won't find a better investment than eServiceTicket.

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Web Portals

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For All Levels of Management.

Are You A Company of 1 or Company of 50?

All You Need Is Your Smartphone. We are the optimal Mobile Field-Service Solution.

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We are the solution for you.


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