Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is eServiceTicket?


  • eServiceTicket is the #1 most effective Field-Service Mobile Solution designed to streamline business operations and make field technicians more efficient while improving a field-service company's productivity and profitability.


2) What are other key benefits to using eServiceTicket?


  • Easy to use, all-in-one application that facilitates and optimizes the management of a field-service department.
  • Our support team includes expert Field-Service Managers that will help a field-service department quickly and easily implement the eServiceTicket Field-Service solution.
  • Customization capabilities such as flat rate, work descriptions and parts tables are only just a few features that expedite profitability.
  • Our Flat Rate and T & M "flex pricing system" feature makes sure that all billable jobs are profitable jobs.
  • We also include a Mobile App Integrated Purchase Order feature with Parts Supplier Direct-Connect for quick truck restocking – eliminates excessive Supply House visits by technicians.
  • The cost to use eServiceTicket is a fraction of the value your company receives each day by using eServiceTicket.


3) Do you offer a demonstration of using eServiceTicket?


  • Yes, we give an online (Skype) demonstration of using both the mobile application and office management web portals. If you are interested, you can schedule a demo session by calling us at 610-994-8888.


4) Does it take long to learn/train?


  • eServiceTicket application basics are easy to learn and quickly adaptable to all employees of any service level. It can be used on day one.
  • Our expert support team members will provide as much online training and support that is needed.


5) What are the costs to use eServiceTicket?


  • eServiceTicket will pay for itself the first month it is implemented, by growing your company's efficiency level on the first day.
  • The total cost to use eServiceTicket includes; the account setup and training fee plus (after initial 30-days) a user monthly subscription fee.


6) Are there any other costs, excluding phone costs, in using eServiceTicket?


  • If your technicians need to print tickets in the field, the only other cost would be for mobile printers.
  • The mobile printer that is designed to be used with eServiceTicket for printing service tickets in the field is; Brothers PocketJet 7, Model PJ-763MFi. The printer and printer paper can be purchased on Amazon and other online suppliers.


7) If I choose, is it easy to cancel or pause my Company Account?


  • There are NO contracts and you (Company Account Administrator) can cancel or pause your Company Account at any time at no additional cost and no hidden fees.


8) Do you offer both phone and online support?


  • Yes, both phone and online support are offered 365-days of the year.


9) Is eServiceTicket interfaced with any back-office accounting software?


  • Currently, eServiceTicket is not interfaced with any back-office accounting software. However, eServiceTicket is the most effective Field and front-office Field-Service Management solution. We are the Mobile App and Office Management Web Portals designed to optimize your company's productivity and profitability.


10) What are some of the features and attributes that are included with eServiceTicket?


  • Some of the features and attributes included with eServiceTicket Field-Service management solution, are the following: Mobile application designed for field techs for quick and easy use, Cloud/Web Based, Dispatch Management, Electronic Signature, Inventory Control, Job and Technician Map Tracking, Routing, Technician Management, Work Order Management, Time Clock and Labor Management, Active Job Status details, Management Report Tables, in-app Credit Card payments, in-app job Navigation, in-app Customer Account History, HVAC Parts and Flat Rate customizable tables and much, much more!


11) How does using eServiceTicket improve a company’s field management system, productivity and profitability?


  • Technicians complete service tickets quickly and easily - saves time for doing more billable work.
  • Technicians don’t lose manually written service tickets – saves time and all billable work gets billed, no lost revenue.
  • Technicians use in-app credit card payment feature to get paid at time of service – improves profitability, cash flow and minimizes time spent on A/R collections.
  • Technicians use in-app PO feature which minimizes supply house visits – saves time for doing more billable work.
  • Using both Flat Rate and T & M "flex pricing system" makes sure that all billable jobs are profitable jobs.
  • Mobile App Work Order + Dispatch features allow for max efficiency during non-regular hours - saves time and improves customer service.
  • Optional: Use Auto Dealership customer service method to optimize Job profitability and Technician productivity. This method allows Techs to do more billable and profitable work by having CSR Staff (not Technician) complete the job service ticket at time of service and provide customer with the details of the service provided + collect payment.